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Recorded at the legendary Balancing Budget studios, Malmö, Sweden; Twin Piloda (Payola Records/BMG) is the full-length debut from Måns Wieslander, involuntary leader of the brilliant powerpop band Elevator Adam, one half of the equally fabolous folkelectropop-duo Campo Mondo and bassplayer of the Moonbabies.

Thirty-six minutes of lush/harsh/beatiful/stupid/happy/sad popmusic, 10 songs of confusion, wisdom and illiteracy (phew…); (please don´´ t file under Kevin Ayers, Mark Eitzel, Folk Implosion, Robyn Hitchcock, Robert Pollard & the Residents.

Suggested airplay: Ivan G, Free Toys, Zap Crusade, Still Afraid of You - the money made goes directly to the repairment of channel 1, 2 and 3 on Måns´ 4-track portastudio. Yours sincerely, Piloda