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Måns Wieslander "Twin Piloda" 2000 CD album
(Payola records/BMG) bribe 7
The newest one!

The Saints "howling" 1996 CD album
(Blue Rose/Rough Trade) blucd 029

Yes, Måns was a member of the Saints (the 26th or something…) but left the band due to musical (in)differences.He made it to Spain for one gig though. However, Chris Bailey is quite a wonderful man, currently living in Amsterdam with his girlfriend and, reportedly, a moose. Måns plays the guitar on a couple of tracks and does some hollering in the background.

Ossler "Hotel Neanderthal" 1997 CD album
(Nonstop Records) nsm 33-29

Måns plays the bass, a very small (?) guitar, and does some background vocals (in his native tounge) on two tracks. Featuring among others; Jocke Lexell (Dipper), Conny Städe (Elevator Adam) & Magnus Börjeson (Beagle, Favorita).

Hundar af Idag "översvämningsmusik" 2000 CD album
(Never Been Snibb Records) nbsr 002

Ola Frick´s (Moonbabies) and Mån´s artmusic project (!!) This cd contains music made for an exhibition of concrete fish made by brilliant artist Karel Becva´r and,among several others, Mån´s two brothers Anders (of Elevator Adam & Ralf fame) and Staffan (Parasit Senil & Twist Intim).

Campo Mondo "In Thonga" 1999 CD e.p.
(Never Been Snibb Records) nbsr 001

”A slightly amphibian Grant Lee Buffalo with Steve Kilbey and the bastard son of Brian Eno doing their stuff in the background” – ICALLTHEBIGONEBITEY-magazine

Moonbabies "June and Novas" 2000 CD album
(Duckweed Records) duck 0005

Brilliant band, brilliant album, enough said. Måns plays the bass on two tracks and sometimes joins the Moonbabies live.

Elevator Adam "Alcomoon" 1995 mini-CD
(Payola Records/BMG) bribe 1

Elevator Adam has been called the best band in Sweden, and have been praised by the likes of Hoodoo Gurus and the Posies. For now, the band is nowhere in particular, but an emerge from the living dead is not entirely impossible. Alcomoon, their first and only ep, is full-frontal powerpop with rather glorious melodies. Måns is the guy singing.

Elevator Adam "Wednesday/Why do you love me now?" 1999 CD single
(Payola Records/BMG) bribe 4

This much delayed double A-side single just kind of disappeared in the flow, as did the band. Anyway, "Why do you love me now?" is excellent!
  Other Stuff:

Campo Mondo appears on the Duckweed Records "Sampler 2000" and Elevator Adam can be heard on the "Popstad 2000 compilation" (Moonbabies also appears on both).